How The Vaccine Purchasing Program Works

PracticeWell’s Vaccine Purchasing Program is one of the oldest and largest of its kind. It has been honed over the past 25+ years to give our members the peace of mind, participating practices can breathe knowing they’re getting the best vaccines at the best available prices, effortlessly. Even better, by simply making purchases through PracticeWell, members earn valuable rebates that can be put to the practice's biggest areas of need.

We Negotiate Great Contracts So You Don't Have To

The PracticeWell team of physicians and specialists works directly with leading vaccine and medical supply manufacturers like Merck, Sanofi Pasteur, GSK, Pfizer and more, to offer the best overall pricing, payment, and purchasing terms to all members.

You Join The PracticeWell Contract & Start Saving

Once a practice or healthcare organization is linked to our national member agreement, authorized members can place orders directly with the manufacturers and will automatically receive our preferred contracted pricing - no research or negotiation required. The manufacturers will then ship the vaccines directly to your practice.

Bonus: Receive Rebates Based On How Much You Spend

Unlike other group purchasing programs, PracticeWell purposefully returns any excess revenue and potential profits directly back to our members, so they can put those funds to whatever their practice needs most.

Put Your Mind at Ease.

As a PracticeWell member, practices of all sizes can reap the benefits of being part of one of the largest purchasers of vaccines nationwide.

Our dedicated and experienced staff negotiate directly with vaccine manufacturers to secure the most effective vaccine options and the most beneficial terms, at the lowest prices available, eliminating the previously wasted effort and resources of our members. When multiplied by thousands of practices across the country, the result is a substantial volume of time, money and peace of mind that can be put to better use - serving patients and providing exceptional care to those who need it.

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