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Our physician-led community has spent the last 25+ years streamlining healthcare practice management by eliminating obstacles to exceptional patient care. We help evaluate and optimize our member practices to make day to day operations more enjoyable and more profitable. Join the 15,000+ healthcare providers and professionals across the country who are already saving time and money as PracticeWell members today.

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Whether you're a solo physician or part of a larger hospital system, PracticeWell can help you simplify and streamline your processes and create significant savings. Learn what benefits are available to you and see how PracticeWell can help your practice thrive.

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Access to all benefits and programs are available to PracticeWell members at no cost. How does that work? Over the past 25 years, our contracts with the leading vaccine suppliers and medical supply companies have grown so large, we receive a rebate generated from the savings our members earn. Rather than keeping this overage as profit, we return all excess revenue collected directly back to our members. As a benefit corporation, that is one of our many commitments to doing what's best for our members; not our pocketbooks.

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PracticeWell’s Vaccine Purchasing Program has been recognized by the American Academy of Pediatrics in its Vaccine Survival Guide for Pediatricians since 2007.

AAP's Vaccine Survival Guide